Chocolate Moonrock UK


When you take this substance, the moon rocks bud effects begin to kick in after about 45 minutes, with their peak showing at around the two to three-hour mark. There is also a very euphoric effect that may make using the bud appealing.


Chocolate Moonrock UK

Chocolate Moonrock UK is one of the best moon rock weed flavors to try. Amazing taste and also incredible high. This moon rock gives you a feeling of freedom and relaxation, which you get rarely from other strains. You can expect your buzz to linger for several hours or even into the next day if you’re new to moon rocks or high-THC strains.

When taken in small doses, moon rock weed bring much needed relief to patients suffering from severe Nausea. The high THC content, combined with a . 15% CBD rating, helps reduce a patient’s symptoms. Moon rock weed  are known among cannabis connoisseurs to provide long lasting Anxiety relief.

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1 Ounce (29 g), 1/2 Ounce (15 g), 1/4 Ounce (8 g)


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